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Whether you're new or you've finally inherited

by:Xavier      2020-06-22
Buy big furniture If you have a big house, you'll need big things to fill it - it's as simple as that. Don't be a normal person and buy a bed that is big enough to fit you and your partner comfortably, go all out and buy one big enough to fit about 12 people in! The same goes for the sofas - have at least one in every room (yes, even the bathroom) and make sure that each one suits the 'theme' of the room...which leads nicely into the next point... Theme your rooms Your home is now so huge that just having standard decor isn't enough. Have a theme to each room, so your bedroom could have an all-white theme, your largest living room could be based on Buckingham palace and your bathroom could resemble a rainforest/spa combination. Your home will be ten times more impressive when each room looks entirely different and you can afford to buy bespoke furniture for every theme. Think about how great your kids' rooms will look! Take Extra Precautions Make sure that you have plenty of security surrounding your mansion because they won't typically have neighbors close enough to notice screaming or to see someone breaking in. Remote control gates are a good idea so cars aren't easy to steal and surveillance cameras can't go a miss either. If you're really worried about people breaking in, safe rooms are a good idea because you can get yourself and your family out of harm's way and into a safe location where you can contact the emergency services. These safe rooms can also protect against flooding or fires should they break out in your home. Hire a cleaner No one rich enough to own a mansion would do their cleaning by themselves. If you can afford the monthly insurance/utilities/mortgage rates etc. to own such a home, some more money spent on a cleaning team should be no problem. A mansion is never considered very impressive if it's not clean (unless it has some historical value, then a little character building dust is acceptable). No swimming pool is ever too big If there's one thing that can never be too big, it's the swimming pool. The bigger the pool the more impressive your home is. If you really want to impress your guests, build an indoor pool with Jacuzzi and sauna and an outdoor heated pool for swimming to suit any weather conditions! So there you have it, some quick tips on how to be a top mansion owner!
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