Professional manufacture of acrylic bahtub and shower cabin in China.

When you walked into the bathroom you saw that

by:Xavier      2020-07-06
She walked in behind you, the familiar song of her clicking heels betraying her. A hand slipped around your neck, as she was taller then you in her stilettos and draped a thickly braided leather rope around your neck, she pulled it up and it fit snugly around your neck, leaving just enough room for a pulse. She started explaining something to you but you were entranced, she led you toward the shower before you remembered how to tune in. 'Sex toys for men are often interchangeable as most toys are. Though, sex toys for men only have unique design and structure. Certain sex toys for men are of all sizes, but specialized toys can be made to fit a body particular body type.' Explained your mistress in a cool tone, it was your first birthday with your Mistress and being hand-cuffed to the steel shower bar naked sent shocks through every never in your body. 'Vibrators can be interchangeable sex toys for men and women as where cock rings are sex toys for men specifically. Some sex toys for men can also be vibrators and only for men, but they are usually smaller than normal sized vibrators. Of course any sized vibratos will work if a man is willing to stretch himself for said vibrators.' Your mistress took a stand in front of you, she pulled a semi-thick vibrator out of her gift basket and your mouth went dry, two cock rings were displayed on the vibrator and you had a good feeling you knew where they would go. Anticipation filled you. 'Though some men are squeamish about being touched any way a women could be touched many men enjoy the feel of vibrators,' she clicked her heels up and over the tub until your back was facing her. She reached around your body to get lubricant out and you knew where her speech was headed, you were almost dizzy with anticipation, 'Big and small inside of them, some rather like sucking large strap on vibrators, or even non-vibrators. Some sex toys for men need to be only for men to keep a man feeling masculine and believing he is still able to experiment but once the mold is broken almost all vibrators can be a fun time.' You answer with a quivering, 'Yes Mistress,' as she slips lubricated cock rings around your hardening cock. The collar she bought you had key chain rings throughout it and your mistress had a leash connected to the vibrator she was holding. Your Mistress indeed was going to make up for every birthday she had ever missed of yours.
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