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When it comes to buying a new bathroom then it

by:Xavier      2020-06-26
Yet in many cases the bathroom is one of the most under utilised spaces in a house, as often the house designer puts most focus on getting the bedroom sizes right and then squeezes in a bathroom wherever it will fit, this is the case particularly in older properties. This often leaves a bathroom space feeling compromised. However with a little thought when it comes to changing over your suite then you will be surprised at what you can fit in without making the room look cluttered. As an example many older bathrooms do not have a shower fitted, and often have had a mixer tap with a shower head fitted as a replacement to the original taps, commonly though this means you can only use them in the bath and not to have a stand up shower as there maybe no shower curtain or wall fixing for the shower in place. You may want a bath and a shower but not have room for both, so what is the solution? The good news is if your are replacing your suite that you can now buy shower bath units, which typically feature a circular area at one end of the bath with a glass screen that opens to allow access and closes to prevent water spraying everywhere whilst the shower is in use. This is the ideal solution for busy families, allowing you to have a proper shower in the morning when in a hurry for work, and relax in the bath in the evening. Also you can now buy toilets and sink basins in a wide range of space saving sizes meaning that you can squeeze them in to what had previously been dead space in your bathroom. So when it comes to fitting a new bathroom suite then take some time or advice to think about the design to maximise the floor space that you have available. Often bathroom design services are free from the bathroom supplier.
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