Professional manufacture of acrylic bahtub and shower cabin in China.

What port of loading available for sauna plans ?
Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd is an enterprise that's professional and innovative in China. Pursuing excellence and always making progress is Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Company's business concept. We run the business based on integrity and dedication and we are dedicated to serving the society. All this contributes to the excellent brand image in the Manufacturing Decoration Materials industry. Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Company's freestanding bathtub is commonly used in the following industries. The whirlpool tub series is widely praised by customers. The product has many excellent characteristics of long service life and stable performance. The product guarantees easy installation. All over the years, Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Company provides customer with the best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service. It will highly contribute to the modern house layout and decoration. The products we produce are high-quality and cost-effective. If you have any needs, please contact us!

What kind of full glass micro-pore filter? This instrument includes a set of sand core filtration devices (including dust cover, cylindrical glass funnel, standard plug triangle bottle, standard port sand core filter, aluminum alloy) and an oil-free vacuum pump.First, the sand core filtration device adopts ultra-hard and high-quality glass materialsUniform wall thickness,No bubbles,The glass is smooth and transparent,Fast traffic,Very good pressure resistance and sealing performance,The dimensions meet international standards,It can be used for high temperature and high pressure sterilization.Two, the vacuum pump oil-free vacuum pump provides a completely clean vacuum environmentThe pump body itself does not need maintenance,And no pollutants will be produced.1. Specifications of sand core filtration device: receiving bottle: 1000 filter Cup: 250 filter head diameter: 47mm 2. Specifications of oil-free vacuum pump: flow rate: 10L/min maximum vacuum degree: 80kPa power: 20 W maximum working temperature:

How to check the ultra-efficient filter screen of the biosafety cabinet regularly? What are the requirements? With the in-depth research of biotechnology and the continuous expansion of its application fields,Bio-safety is getting more and more attention.Because biotechnology operates on organisms such as microorganisms and living cells,Or their recombination, their variants,In all aspects of its experimental research,It has an active role in treating diseases, improving life and managing the environment,There are also negative factors that may cause infectious diseases, endanger the health of operators and affect the environment.Especially in the experimental study of genetic engineering,There are potential hazards that are unpredictable.Therefore,Evaluate the degree of harm,Study the control plan and design preventive measures,It is very important to formulate management regulations.The key to biosafety is to control the operating objects with potential hazards 'released from the outside to the sur
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