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To experience the Namib Desert on foot means dramatic

by:Xavier      2020-07-06
Participants meet at the Namib Desert Lodge in the afternoon. An experienced guide leads the group on the 7-10 km hike and passes on his knowledge of the flora, fauna and geology of the Namibia. The Namib Dune Camp is situated west of Namib Desert Lodge on a dune - sheerest nature as far as the eye can see! Ten unpretentious log cabins are equipped with a king-sized bed each and offer grand vistas of the desert landscape. The beds can be pulled through the wide front door onto the wooden deck outside so that guests can blissfully doze off to sleep while gazing at the incredible beauty of the starry sky. Each cabin has its own shower and toilet. Water is heated with solar power. Everyone's luggage is transferred from the lodge to the cabins in order to ensure that participants are able to enjoy the hike unhampered. The community log cabin with large panoramic windows is the place to watch the sun go down and spend a pleasant evening together. There is no electricity as to avoid light pollution. Candles and lanterns create a cosy atmosphere, and catering is excellent. Then the highlight of the trip: sleeping in the open under the stars, far from the sounds and lights of civilisation, in total peace and quiet, in harmony with nature. The next morning an invigorating cup of coffee and snacks are served before hiking back to Namib Desert Lodge where a big breakfast is waiting for the early risers. Gondwana Namib Park offers the opportunity to experience two sides of the Namibia: to the east, vast plains extend to the foot of distant mountains, whereas to the west rows and rows of dunes are lined up all the way to the horizon. In fact there is even a third side to the oldest desert on earth because the reddish sand covers brown sandstone - the fossilised dunes of a primeval Namib which in some places strikingly reveal themselves. Gondwana Namib Park borders on the 10 km buffer zone of the Namib Sand Sea which was declared a World Heritage site in June this year. The Namib Dune Camp will be opened for guests on 1 November this year. Bookings for this hiking experience and a night spent in the Namib Dune Camp can be made immediately. The package is available subject to booking the night prior to the hike at Namib Desert Lodge. The same rates as for Namib Desert Lodge apply.
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