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Taking Off a Shower Door

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
The shower door is a glass sheet enclosed with an aluminum metal frame for closing the shower.There are several types to choose from, and the most common is sliding shower doors, which usually appear on the bathtub, and one that turns on the frame attached to the wall of the shower.The other is the frameless shower door.The frameless shower door is attached to the hinge mounted on the shower wall.Removing the shower door is sometimes necessary for easier access when repairing the shower or cleaning the track.Get an assistant to help you remove a frameless shower door.This type of door is heavy and needs to be handled carefully to avoid damage.Remove the anchor that holds the door hinge to the wall.The shower door attached to the separate glass panel uses hinges to hold or secure the shower door.You need to loosen the screws or bolts attached to each hinge on the glass panel with a screwdriver or nut drive to release the door.Place the shower door on a set of sawhorses away from the work area.Grab both sides of the door from the tub with your hand.Do what you can to keep the door straight to the overhead track.Swing the bottom of the door outward away from the bottom track.Push the top of the door forward or backward, leaving the wheel of the door off the overhead track.Once the wheel is out of track, drop the door and remove it.Place the shower door on a set of sawhorses away from the work area and repeat it once for the remaining doors.Find the screws that secure the pivot cover on the shower door jamb and remove it.The pivot cover holds the pivot rod or pivot mechanism in place.Removing the pivot cover allows the pivot column or mechanism to slide up and down.While holding the door firmly, slide the pivot column down.Once you slide down the pivot column, the top of the door will be liberated from the pivot Wall jamb.Swing the top of the door outward from the frame attached to the wall.Lift the door far enough and the remaining pivot columns clear the frame.Place the shower door on a set of sawhorses away from the work area.
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