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take a tour round a transformed tattoo parlour that\'s now a beautiful home

by:Xavier      2020-03-28
In 2012, before closing a few years later, the mobile picture tattoo was renamed Phoenix 2 tattoo, one of many thriving local businesses on Mill Road.
Located next to the Cambridge carpet at the intersection of Mill Road and Montreal Road, unfortunately it is a short distance from other quirky independent retailers on the iconic street.
But now, this place will prosper again.
As part of the Mews development in Montreal, it has been surprisingly redeveloped.
Both the tattoo studio and the former carpet shop were transformed into a brand new ground floor apartment.
Luckily, they visited the amazing show House (
Front Location of Cambridge carpet)-
I can\'t believe this modern family home used to be a running-down rug shop.
On one of the most tragic rainy days of the year, I visited the hotel, walked into the front door and instantly lit up my day.
A spacious living room can be found on the right side of the entrance corridor, where the unique features of the home will make you feel obvious.
The family is energy efficient, and the bulbs used are guaranteed to last the entire life cycle-
Although they are rarely used, as Windows help to flood the room with light, Mill Road is also visible.
Programmable under-floor heating is also available throughout the process, which will help to significantly reduce utility costs.
As for the design of the living room, the interior decoration includes wood
Tile floor effect.
This apartment is the same as all developed apartments (
(Expected to be completed in early 2018)
There are also a lot of useful features.
There is an audio-visual entrance system next to the front door and all doors and windows are built to provide a high level of safety.
Next to the living room you will find a compact kitchen.
Due to the nature of the apartment on the first floor, the specifications of the area are created in a complex way to provide everything you need.
Designed by the interior of the manor, this room includes Siemens integrated appliances, in particular a huge refrigerator/freezer and microwave/oven combination, as well as a breakfast bar overlooking the living room and a Exterior view of Mill Road.
The apartment on the first floor has a charming double bedroom (
Plenty of storage space on the bed)
Next door, the bathroom is equipped with a fairly large shower to complete the in-house accommodation.
The price of Montreal Mews starts at 315,000 of the ground floor apartment and 415,000 of the duplex apartment with balcony. The two-
Earlier this year, multi-storey homes with courtyards were snapped up
Even if they can\'t finish it until January!
There is purchase help on these properties.
For more information, please contact Jill Daniels of Savills (01223)347031.
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