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Silver Salmon fishing in Alaska is better than

by:Xavier      2020-06-20
Of course, Silver Salmon fishing in Alaska tends to get overlooked because of the larger King Salmon in the state. However, they are certainly worth targeting. Here are 5 frequently asked questions about Silver Salmon fishing in Alaska: #1) When should you go? The Silver Salmon season generally is only in August. It can extend into September, depending on the weather and other factors. However, do not count on this when booking your trip. #2) How big do they get? They generally get around 8-15 pounds, depending on how the feeding conditions in the ocean. They are certainly much smaller than the King Salmon, but they are a challenge to catch. #3) How can you be successful catching them? The important thing is to stay alert. These fish pack a powerful punch. If you are not aware of what you are doing, they can definitely escape your line. Even after you have hooked them, they are known for their uncanny ability to escape. In other words, it takes a lot of skill to bring in one of these fish. You need to be skillful, alert and also bring strong equipment to handle them. #4) Where is the best Silver Salmon spot in Alaska? One of the top places to fish for Silver Salmon is in the Togiak River. This river is an offshoot of Bristol Bay, and this location is a good place where the fish tend to come. #5) Where should you stay? Imagine you have just finished a long day of fishing on the river - what could be better than to return to a beautiful lodge right next to the river, with fantastic food and a sauna to relax in? Not surprisingly, a luxury fishing lodge is a popular choice for visitors. The lodges are often near prime fishing spots on the river, and they will sometimes offer fishing related services like lessons and guides. For the ultimate experience, be sure to find a full service resort that offers a lounge, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and sauna. Using the lodge's guides is an excellent idea, and can definitely help make your trip a success. Since they spend the entire season on the river they know the best places to catch them.
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