Professional manufacture of acrylic bahtub and shower cabin in China.

Modern people’s requirement of sanitary facility is higher and higher, a lot of families hope to have an independent bath space, but as a result of the sanitation space is limited, we can only put bath facilities and sanitary facilities in one room.Shower room makes full use of one horn indoor, divide shower range clearly with fence, form relatively independent wash bath space.

Shower room is divided into integral shower room and simple shower room by function;by the style is divided into corner - shaped shower room, one - shaped bath screen, circular - arc shower room, bathtub - bath screen.According to the shape of the chassis divided into square, full circle, fan, diamond - shaped shower room; Press door structure to sliding door, fold door, hinge door,open door shower room.

And shower screen is a kind of sanitary product that contracted, and save space .At home and abroad Shower Screen is the first choice of engineering products.

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