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sanitary ware - new bathroom installation tips

by:Xavier      2020-04-04
After deciding to complete the brand new bathroom installation, you may forget the annoying rusty bathtub, boring faded interior, cracked floors and wall tiles.
This means never leaking the blender faucet, because defective hygiene products can cause sore rust stains, which makes you tired.
This means forgetting the inconvenient bathroom shelves, which occupy most of the space but have no practical use.
A new life full of amenities, comfort and comfort begins!
Fall with nightmares, inconveniences and constant anger!
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the apartment.
Only in this room can you really feel relaxed and natural, create a comfortable and warm atmosphere, and most importantly, only there can you really be with your thoughts, fears
Only there will you be reunited with your subconscious mind, and you may be lost in your secret dreams and give up on yourself to appease.
Everything around should make your eyes pleasant and bring satisfaction to the maximum level of comfort and enjoy a spa operation.
So when you decide to do the bathroom renovation, you should consider everything until the smallest detail, consider the use and function of each component, choose the matching light, the chord of the color of the bathroom tiles, decorate it with a variety of accessories designed for these purposes.
So, you decided to arrange your bathroom seriously, what do we start?
First of all, it is necessary to measure the total area of the room, if the area of your bathroom is not that large, try to find all the elements you want without bulky ingredients.
It is necessary to adjust the size at what height the desired hanging bathroom cabinet is located so as not to hinder future movement.
Then you need to decide what you want to see in the bathroom: a shower, while saving a portion of the activity area, or setting up a bathtub yourself, taking up a lot of space, but it also has its own advantages.
In any case, no matter which option you choose, you will need to determine the performance of the bathroom accessories to avoid disappointment in the future.
Then you will need to choose a suitable bathroom sink with lots and mini and corner sink which is perfect for small rooms.
If you decide not to use a wall-mounted device, you can install beautiful cabinets under the washbasin, which will create a suitable decorative look and provide you with extra room for bathroom accessories.
You can install a mirror above the sink.
It is necessary to mention that you have more mirrors in the renovated bathroom and the room looks wider and wider.
It is wise to install a spotlight or light above or next to the Mirror, which will illuminate every corner of the lovely smile in front of us well.
If your bathroom allows, it is necessary to install a towel heater.
It has a double benefit: no humidity in your new bathroom will prevent fungus and towels will keep drying.
To save space and beautify the exterior view of the bathroom, you can use the wall hanging unit.
A great advantage of this sanitary ware is that there is no pipe, Blender, water tank at all, because everything is hidden in the walls of the bathroom and will not be covered by curious eyes when necessary.
Buy a new bathtub and you can choose it with a spa unit inside which will make your daily life more happy and comfortable.
In addition to thoroughly considering the purchase of the necessary accessories, integrate them correctly and harmoniously with the interior you create, nothing.
The choice of the bathroom palette is also important.
Try to avoid dark shadows if the room is small, as dark shadows only cover up small areas.
Therefore, it is better to use soft tones.
Your bathroom will make you happy day after day.
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