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Rough Framing for a Shower Valve Installation

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
If you are used to building a normal wall with 16 inch or 24 inch bolts, you must adjust the method of including the wall installed by the shower valve slightly.A quick math calculation will help you determine which bolts to go.The California plumbing specification requires a license from your local jurisdiction to carry out this level of transformation, as this includes adding a new wall to your bathroom project.The manufacturer\'s description of the shower or tub with shower provides the necessary minimum width of the wall containing the faucet and shower head, called \"wet wall\" in builder\'s terminology \".Include any flange and increase the thickness of the planned cement back plate, wall brick and any deck--Horizontal tiles around the bathtub opening-Come up with a number in inches for the overall depth of the wall.The standard framework principles apply to the preparation of your framework.Measure, Mark and cut the top and bottom plates from both platesby-The wall is 4 wide.Clamp the plates together in order to prepare the reference marks for the Bolts.Mark the plate at each end to obtain the bolt;Double these end bolts if recommended by the shower housing manufacturer.Your goal is to center the shower valve between bolts 12 inch apart.A little mark of the mid-point of the plate, consistent with the position of the faucet and shower valve you expect, helps the next stage of this project.Next, Mark 6 inch on both sides of the midpoint.Check whether the distance between the flank Bolt and the end Bolt is more than 16 inch.If so, place a mark between the flank and the end Bolt indicating another pair of bolts.More typically, for a bathtub or shower that is 30 to 36 inch wide, you end up with four bolts less than 16 inch apart, creating a more code-compatible installation.If space permits, assemble the wet wall on the floor and nail the plate into the butt of the bolt with a 16d nail.Lift the walls in place and nail them to the ground floor and ceiling beams.If the space is narrow, first nail the plate at the top and bottom in the appropriate position, and then nail the shoes between them DingTalk together.Cut two pieces 2-by-6-Foot wood is used as a cross part to fit between the bolts on both sides of the shower valve.The measurement distance is confirmed to be 12 inch.Cut the 2-by-The 6 pieces on the Chop saw are slightly longer than your size.Test-Fit the fit of the cross line, see the small pieces at one end until close fit without nails.Hold the tub-The shower valve rests against the bottom profile.Face the plastic of the valve with a piece of 1-1It is actually inches deep. waste wood is nailed to the front of the bolt.The depth of waste represents-Inch cement back plate and sheet-inch tile.Take Back the cross from the surface of the side Bolt so that it can reach the metal belt that holds the valve in place.Mark the flank Bolt with the correct position on the front of the crossbar.Place a screw through each side of the bolt, insert it into the cross section and position it correctly so that they can be correctly tilted back from the bolt face and the height recommended by the shower or tub --and-Shower faucet manufacturers.The lower profile that will hold the shower valve is about 50 inch from the floor of the shower, and the lower profile of the bathtub may be lower-Just a few inches can be cleaned up the lips of the bathtub.In a typical installation, the top profile supporting the shower head may be 76 inch higher than the floor.Dry-Install the hot and cold riser on the floor to the bottom beam and install the shower head riser on the shower valve onto the shower head.Once you are satisfied with the dry fittings and the position of the cross, screw them in place permanently with three screws on each side.
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