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Reusing Glass Patio Doors in a Shower

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
When you update the doors of the patio, your old patio doors can still add a lot of value to your home.Glass patio doors provide a unique set of waterTight panel for bathtub, shower and pool area--indoors or out.In addition, the sound insulation and thermal insulation of the patio door far exceeds the performance of the plexiglass or single glass shower door.The problem with most Pool Villa showers is that there is no spray in the shower area, which can cause mold as standing water is allowed to accumulate water on the floor during the hot summer.Large enough sliding patio doors--roughly 6-Feet width 79-inches high --To keep the water in your actual shower area, this is a better design for quick drainage.The result will be a pool house with a better smell and it will be easier to keep it clean.Whether there is a swimming pool season or not, many people like to sunbathe under the open sky.You can get a little privacy of an outdoor shower by installing your old patio door into two parallel walls of an outdoor booth, using the walls of your home or annex building as a third wall, and hang the shower curtain at the opening.To add privacy, you can paint the exterior walls of the patio door shower with eco-friendly outdoor paint.By clever use of masking tape during the painting process, you can even create the effect of a window or porthope in an outdoor shower.You can also apply translucent finishes by using the stained glass window painting materials provided by many craft shops.For most indoor tub/shower combinations, sliding patio doors are too high to fit, but there are important benefits to installing patio door panels horizontally on the tub wall.Most traditional bathtubs are 60 inch long, but many of them are larger.If your tub/shower wall is at least 79 inch wide, you can install patio doors on one side above the tub and take advantage of its excellent waterproof performance, plus, from the double glass wall structure of the door, you will receive better insulation.One of the most important reasons to use the patio door as a wall panel is that it provides an opportunity for decoration.You can use the glass door panel to protect the personalized posterPhoto size--Sea View, sky scene or family group--It will then be permanently protected from the bath or shower water.Poster printing is easily available from signboard stores and photosHorizontal format printing of this size is not uncommon.The same space can be used by decorative artists to protect fine tapestries or custom murals.If the bathroom ceiling is high enough-Like many old houses ---Using a hinged patio door in the shower may make it easier for some to take a shower.For example, the hinge shower door panel is quickly and easily rotated to open, allowing someone to walk with the help of a cane and enter the shower without asking for help.If the shower area is not large enough to accommodate a typical 6-The foot width of most hinge patio door system, the fixed panel of the door assembly can be cut by size.Fiberglass or vinyl door frames are most effective in the shower as these materials are more waterproof, but wooden or metal door frames can be treated with water seals to improve performance.No matter which material the frame is constructed from, the hinge door provides the same waterproof performance as the sliding model.
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