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Portable toilets are always needed at events up

by:Xavier      2020-07-08
It can often be much more cost effective to purchase portable toilets for your event than hire them if it is to become a regular event. This is because the toilets are instantly at your disposal allowing you to use them when you require which can be very beneficial if you choose to put added events on over the course of the year. During the summer months many people choose to hold their weddings outside under marquees and often they are not near to a building which means that toilet facilities are not readily available for the bride, groom, and guests. A simple solution to this problem is to hire a range of portable toilets for the afternoon and evening, you can choose from single portable toilet cabins and toilet trailers both of which will offer you the clean toilets that you require. The single portable toilet cabins we have available at Convenience Services Ltd, can be purchased so that they are mains connected or hand pump operated. We have a range of mains connected toilets where you can choose from hot or cold water sinks, they are lightweight and easy to position so you can ensure that they are in a suitable location with ease. We offer a range of portable toilets which are easily accessible making them ideal for a large number of events, and they can be adapted so that they feature baby changing facilities. If you wish to leave your toilet in the same position for long periods of time for example on a building site you may find it beneficial to have an anti-vandal portable toilet which is made of steel, meaning that vandals cannot push your toilet over and cause serious amounts of damage. We also offer a range of self service portable toilets for when it is difficult for servicing to be arranged, these are ideal for campsites where the toilets are regularly in use and are constantly required. We offer a range of portable changing rooms some of which contain shower and toilets, giving you everything you need for a comfortable changing room. Our changing rooms are available as unisex, male or female with space for numerous people allowing you to make full use of the portable changing room. If you are holding a temporary sporting event you may wish to hire our two team shower and changing room which allows the players to get changed on site before their game and it means that you do not need to hold your event near a building which the teams could use instead. Our portable changing rooms are also ideal for photographers to use on location or for campsites to use to offer extra changing facilities. At Convenience Services ltd, we also offer a range of portable shower cabins, some of which are available with toilets. Our shower cabins are also available with disabled access making them suitable for everyone to use. We offer shower cabins which have multiple cubicles and which have individual male and female showers rather than unisex showers making them ideal for on campsites or at large sports events and festivals. The largest shower cabin we offer is an eight cubicle unisex cabin however the largest male and female shower cabin we offer has 6 shower cabins in total.
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