Professional manufacture of acrylic bahtub and shower cabin in China.

5、Culture Advantage

About the meaning of our Xavier name.

X    X is an action, but also a powerful force. When a group of people work together towards a goal, that power is boundless and indestructible.
A    Ambition:Ambition resembles a  beacon light of hope as well as a GPS  for your goal.
V    Victory: Victory is the fruit of our endeavor. So not only  should we enjoy the taste of victory, but also remember our arduous struggle.
I     Improvement: Improvement is a process, which means a record of the growth of a person or business.  Stay hungry, stay foolish and stay modest. It is a basic requirement for "improvement" and a prerequisite for growth.
E    Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is an attitude. No matter in life, work or interpersonal communication we should be full of enthusiasm,  optimism, positive energy,show and transfer positive energy.
R   Righteousness: Righteousness is a kind of moral evaluation and a milestone for the development of an enterprise. We should uphold justice no matter where we stand or how the enterprise develops.
Xavier family is passionate about work, ambitious for life, and always righteous to strive to improve themselves with justice, stepping into victory.


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