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New model and new style

New model and new style


With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone's requirements for bathroom products are also higher. They don’t only focus on the quality, also would like the special and fashionable design. So our XAVIER design department always trying to survey from the market, native and abroad, also looking for the good raw material, we just want to design our special new products to our customers.

Usually, all frame of our steam and shower cabin is shinny or sand color. So why cant be changed black color? Our designers have a try for our ZYF1100-2.We use the strong black aluminum, and 6mm temper glass, pure acrylic material. It looks like so luxury and practical. Since this new style coming, it is warmed welcome by our customers.

Except for the steam room, also recently we have showed many new freestanding bathtubs. Please check the below pictures: all pure acrylic material, simper and practice. It is very popular for hotel or building.

Always our design department are working on the new, let us waiting for more new style in future.

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