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Fashionable creative bathtub to promote bathroom personality


Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware is a manufacturer for making the modern bathtub .The company has advanced equipment and operation lines Gather superb industry as a whole, praised by the majority of users!

Common classification of bathtub:

Classified by style: bathtub with skirt and bathtub without skirt

The bathtub is divided into two styles with no skirt and skirt with a skirt according to the upper exit part with no skirt. The style of the skirtless bathtub is relatively simple, and the skirt bathtub has smooth lines and good decoration.

Classification by shape: different shapes and sizes

There are various shapes of bathtubs, such as heart, circle, oval, rectangle, triangle and so on. Different shapes of bathtubs vary greatly in size. Modern bathtubs are custom-made and suitable for installation. The triangular and heart-shaped bathtubs are mostly placed in the corners of the bathrooms; round bathtubs are generally larger and consume more water, and are usually found in the bathroom of the villa; other irregularly shaped bathtubs are also found in the large bathrooms.

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