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Mounting a Shower Rod Onto Fiberglass

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
Fiberglass shower surround is a practical and economical way to create a shower in a limited space.They can also be used in larger, full placesThere are large and small bathtubs around.The fiberglass shower environment is convenient and easy to install and creates some problems when the homeowner wants to screw the shower rod holder into the fiberglass.However, these problems can usually be solved so that the rod can be installed.One-Install the chip shower rod by screwing in two brackets--Each end of the shower has one-to the wall.The rod is located inside the bracket.Normally this is not a problem, but the walls of the fiberglass shower are thinner.There is not much material for the screws of the bracket to \"bite\" in to get a safe fix.The toggle bolt can be used, but this method requires a larger hole to be drilled for the arm of the toggle bolt to pass.Also, there may not be enough space around the back of the fiberglass to allow you to push the toggle bolt completely away so that it can spring on.Plan ahead to avoid problems with installing the shower surround.Install one or two additional bolts around the back, keeping the bolts in line with the position of the shower rod installation.Alternatively, you can use heavy-duty glue to stick frame wood or adhesive slats directly to the back of the surroundHeavy construction adhesive.Both methods provide a solid surface that can be drilled and screwed in.The fiberglass is strong but also brittle, and it is easy to break and split when drilling holes, especially when the fiberglass is thin.Before drilling, place several layers of masking tape in the area to be drilled.The tape prevents the surface from falling off and peeling off.Drilling at a high speed with uniform pressure.Do not use slow or stop and start as this increases the chance that the groove of the drill bit will grab the edge and separate the fiberglass.If the previous options don\'t work in your case, you can use the adjustable two-A shower rod.This type of Rod has one part screwed into another and by twisting them in one direction or another you can change the overall length.When the shower rod is long enough to cross the wallto-The wall, put it a little more to extend it.This pre-loaded rod, the pressure applied at both ends keeps the rod between the walls.The design of this Rod does not have the weight when mounting the bracket, but it may be your only option.
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