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Many people wrongly believe that walk-in bathtubs

by:Xavier      2020-06-14
In tune with the aging population's need for therapeutic massage, the whirlpool jets that come installed in some tub models give arthritic joints a break. They are extremely effective in the treatment of sore muscles as well due to the fact that warm water promotes relaxation during treatment. A bath has long been viewed as a means to relax and unwind; add whirlpool therapy to the mix, and you have an experience that is both rejuvenating and healing. You can expect a variety of different whirlpool jets, from a few to many. Consider your need for a therapeutic bathing experience versus your requirement for a long warm bath when you decide whether or not the cost for the extras is worth the investment. For older individuals or those who find whirlpool therapy too intense, air spa therapy may be just what the doctor ordered. Very similar to whirlpool therapy, air spa therapy offers massaging benefits with a gentler touch. For many, it is worth the extra cost to elect this add-on because it transforms the everyday bath but still keeps it very calming and relaxing. To experience the difference between the whirlpool jets and the air spa therapy election, consider trying out walk-in bathtubs. That's right: take them for a 'test bath.' You won't know how they compare until you do this, unless a representative in a showroom is willing to fill up a bathtub and let you feel the difference between the two therapies with just your hand. This is enough for some people, but for others who are not quite sure which is right for them, the recommendation is to go ahead and take the plunge - literally. What you can expect from your bathtub should be in line with what you were promised, and sometimes it takes a real-life experience to truly understand that.
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