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Let baby feel cold water and warm water

by:Xavier      2020-06-12
When having a bath for babies, put two small basins in bathtub, one is filled with cold water while the other one is filled with warm water. Firstly, let babies put hands into warm water and tell them that it is warm water and gives your warm feeling. After five seconds, let them put hands into cold water and tell them again that it is cold water and gives your cold feeling. During this process, the babies have ability to distinguish warm and cold so as to enhance their tactile sense intelligence. Make games when taking bath Before taking a bath, mother can put some small toys such as table tennis, small towel, plastic straws, empty bottles and other things that will be floating into water. When taking a bath, you beat the small toys to draw their attention and say that the empty bottles is floating to you, grip it and put some water into it. At the beginning, kids would not grip the small floating toys in the water. However, after a few times, they would use hands to grip the floating toys in water. Chatting with babies When taking bath for babies, mother can teach his body structure by pointing somewhere by hands. For example, when you wash their hands, you should tell them that you are washing the hands. When you wash their fingers, you tell them that you are washing the fingers. At first, babies would not understand what you are talking. Gradually, they can understand the words and orders you give. By the way, in order to develop intelligence, you'd better say normal words rather than slang. Taking some slight activities After finishing the bath, put one towel on the table and use another one to wipe out the water on babies body. Then make babies lie on their back in front of you, their legs are close to you and you use hands to seize their legs, finally let their legs up and down. Repeat this action for about six times. One warning is that not to do this action more than one minute in order not to tire out babies. The main function of this activity is to enhance the babies' intelligence on movement. Give them a massage Put babies on soft towels and massage their backs and necks, then move from left to right, from head to buttocks. In many cases, babies would fall asleep in the process while some of them become more excited. According to research, it is beneficial to develop their intelligent.
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