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Kohler offers a wide range of steam showers. If

by:Xavier      2020-06-21
First, do not be think that a Kohler steam shower is the same as a sauna. The difference is that a sauna uses incredibly dry heat coupled with low humidity whereas a steam shower uses heat that is moist and is high in humidity. The two produce a completely different effect on the body and your skin. There are a few options open to you when deciding what type of shower you would like. They can be retro fitted, designed specifically to your needs, or you can buy a modular steam unit. Bear in mind that whatever type of Kohler steam shower you decide to purchase there are several components needed: a generator, which is essential as this is what will convert the water pumped into the unit into steam; ease of access to your plumbing and electrical supplies will also be required. When discussing your options with the Kohler experts (and they are experts!), they will advise you that the room has to be completely enclosed with absolutely no gaps whatsoever. If there are gaps then steam can escape and you will not get the ultimate benefit from your shower with steam. This is especially important if you are converting your current shower room into a steam shower. Kohler also offers showers that are built to your own specifications, they will start from scratch and build you an entirely new steam room that fits all of the requirements you have requested. This is great for those of you that want a shower type that fits in with the decor of your bathroom. When purchasing this type of Kohler steam shower they will ensure that you have sufficient space for the product you have decided on, this is really important because if there is insufficient space, your shower will not operate correctly. The correct size of generator is also important and Kohler will advise you of the best one for you. They come in a huge range and are built to handle any type of bespoke installation. As a manufacturer of these showers, Kohler has considered the health benefits associated with this way of bathing. For instance, a Kohler steam shower will provide an enclosure that will not only give you a cleansing sensation that reaches deep into the skin but will also help people who suffer from respiratory problems. However, they will advise you that should you suffer from any type of blood pressure problem, heart condition or are pregnant then you should perhaps avoid having a this type of shower installed. Lastly, one of the great features you will find with a Kohler steam shower is the remote control, which is wireless. This allows you to set the temperature for your shower and then go about your business while you are waiting for it to warm up. Time to start enjoying your showers to their maximum potential!
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