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installing shower fixtures

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
Installing a shower is not a daunting task, as most of the manufacturer\'s products contain detailed instructions and suggestions.
There are not many strict rules to follow except to comply with local building codes, however, in the long run there are several suggestions that may make the work easier and save money and time.
Before starting work, remember to close the water supply of the valve connected to the shower or the main valve of your home.
Before starting to avoid errors, determine where the fixture will be installed.
Mark these positions with pencil or tape.
The standard shower faucet height is usually between 45 and 48 inch, the bathtub faucet height is between 24 and 28 inch, and the standard shower head is usually between 72 and 78 inch.
Read the manufacturer\'s installation instructions in advance and list what you need.
In addition to preparing the installation site, you should also check your state and local building specifications before starting the project.
If you are replacing the old fixtures, be sure to clean up the deposits and the old putty or caulking agent.
The shower comes in a wide range of sizes, styles and brands.
Before you install, you must choose one that will suit you and your installation.
For example, if you are going to replace a fixture, the workload will be much smaller if you choose a fixture that matches the original size.
Some faucets and valves are also not interchanged, so unless you choose a faucet or shower head that is compatible with the valves and accessories of the old fixture, you may not be able to replace only the faucet or shower head.
Avoid expensive mistakes by measuring the holes in the taps and showers, or bringing old fixtures to the store.
Consider your needs and bathroom design when selecting fixtures.
The options you might consider are low.
Shower heads or massages are available.
All kinds of finishes have bathroom fixtures, so it would be helpful to know which finishes match the rest of the bathroom.
When installing shower fixtures, there are some commonly used tools, no matter what design you choose or brand fixtures.
Having these at hand can save you time and frustration.
Make sure you have two pipe wrenches so you can use one to secure the pipe while turning the fitting.
You should also have a closet spud wrench on hand so you can process the accessories in a tight place.
In addition to this, you will need a screwdriver to install or remove the valve and faucet lever, an Allen key to remove or tighten the seat, and a copper welding torch and welding to connect the copper tube and fittings.
Most fixtures come with all the parts you need to install, but if your pipe is not standard, or you are customizing a new installation, you may need copper fittings such as elbows, tees, etc, and connectors, PEX accessories and adapters.
Teflon tape and putty from plumbers are also required
Make sure there is a water tight seal at all connections.
Before adding the finishing touches to the installation, turn on the water supply and check for leaks.
Fix these panels before replacing any access panels, even if they look small.
It can turn into a messy and expensive problem without solving small bugs.
Check to ensure that the hot and cold taps also provide the proper water temperature and ensure that the taps are easily turned on and off.
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