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Installing a Shower Enclosure

by:Xavier      2020-03-28
Installing the shower is a common way to complete the bathroom area in case the water stops overflow the bathroom floor.Housing can stand-Unit sitting alone in the corner or they can put the shower in the tub --to-Shower transition with glass panel and door.There are many varieties to choose from, but they all have the same purpose: to keep the water in the enclosure.The shower pan is the basis of the shower itself.It has a flange, you can attach the flange to the bolts on the wall, and there is also a drain pipe attached to the floor drain under the pot.The pan is mounted on a bed of mortar or adhesive such as thin glue, glue adhesive or construction adhesive.Or they came with the screws.Lower the foam pad or swing with a wood gasket.The goal is to set the pan height around the perimeter so everything can drain to the center of the shell.There are two ways to install the shower panel.Either you stick them to the surface, like a dry wall, or you stick them directly to the nail, or you install them with some type of fastener, like a screw, it is hidden behind the edges of overlapping panels or special strips.Different styles and types of manufacturer guides vary greatly.The panel is always tied to the shower pan so that the water flows into the drain pipe from the wall, from the top of the pan flange.No matter what the installation scheme is, silicone seals are required for all joints.For areas that go through the ceiling, knee wall, or other horizontal surfaces, the passage should also be installed vertically and horizontally.After fixing the wall panel, install the track for your door.The track extends along the wall column at the top of the wall.This gives them a firm installation to help them secure the other panels of the glass in place to complete the enclosure.With pre-Manufactured showers, these areas will be clearly marked.For a custom shower, you need to adjust the position of the track system.There is a stud finder in this regard.Next, you need to dry.Lay the track system and use the marking to locate where the fasteners need to go.From there, you can create pilot holes at the top of the natural stone or tile installation and then fix the track in place.The silicone caulking agent used during rail installation will keep the installation waterproof.The glass installed on the track is the most common material, but your specific shell wall may be different.Regardless of the material, the panel slides and locks in place in the track system.Once you put the panel in, there are fasteners on the edge of the track that are screwed down and fixed in place.After that, you get to the door.This will be the sliding door on the track or the hinge door that opens and closes.In both cases, you can install rails or hinges with drill bits and screws and protect all edges with silicone.
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