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Install a Curved Shower Curtain Rod to Instantly Create More Space in the Shower

by:Xavier      2020-03-28
Is your shower too small?Try using a curved shower curtain rod!
By installing a curved shower curtain rod, you can significantly increase the space for the shower.
The curved curtain rod is a simple piece of hardware that is not too difficult to install.
This is obviously much simpler than a remodeled bathroom, and it offers instant results!
What exactly is the curved curtain rod doing?
The curved curtain rod is far away from the tub bending, pulling the shower curtain back instead of letting the shower curtain drop straight or even a little inward like the standard straight curtain rod.
As a result, the \"wall\" created by the shower curtain moves outward about 6-10 inch, depending on the exact design of the particular curtain rod of your choice.
The difference inside the shower is significant!Using a curved shower curtain rod, the shower is no longer feeling nervous and cramped.You can easily reach out your elbow and walk around without hitting the shower curtain often.If you feel more spacious and pleasant.
After installing the curved curtain rod in the shower, I was personally surprised by the difference, and my curtain rod provided only 6 inch extra space!
This is a huge step forward for a modest investment in time and money.Good quality curved curtain rod for $20-It cost about half $50.It takes an hour or 45 minutes to install from removing the tool to cleaning everything.

The installation is very simple and clear.First, remove the old curtain rod with a screwdriver.In order to pry the old curtain rod from the wall, it may be necessary to have a putty knife or other solid, slender object.
The new curved shower curtain rod then enters the wall using screws.In order to screw the curtain rod to the wall, you have to drill holes.(See below for a useful video on making these holes using drill bits.) These holes will be drilled into the nail or drywall on the wall using an anchor.All hardware, including anchors, is usually-But not always.Included in the package.
It\'s definitely easier to have a second person to help install.The curtain rod is not heavy, but it is quite long and needs to be kept in place until it is firmly attached to the wall.

If the curtain rod will be attached to the wall with a bolt, drill the hole a little smaller than the screw size and then connect the curtain rod.The job is best done with wooden screws.
If you drill to a dry wall and support the weight of the curtain rod with an anchor, then the hole should be the size of the anchor, or maybe a little larger.You need-or heavy-Support the weight anchor of the curtain rod.The three anchors to be considered are nylon toggle rods, metal toggle rod bolts, and expandable metal.The curtain rod is likely to include the anchor in the package.

Once the curved curtain rod is firmly in place, the hook and shower curtain are connected.
I recommend an ecology.Friendly curtains and padding, both of which can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and can last for many years.
You can use curtains and padding of the same size as the old straight bar.They won\'t go down to the shower tub, but they will definitely rest low enough in the tub to have extra space to do their job.
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