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How to Trim Around a Shower

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
The normal wooden decoration does not work around the shower.The pruning process is the same as anywhere in your home, but when moisture is added to the equation, the trimming material changes drastically.If there is a gap or separation between your shower room and the wall or floor, the normal decoration will not cut it off.Decorate the shower with composite molding.This space-Age products, also known as PVC molding, take a shower right at home.Cut and install it like a wooden mold.Scrape off the old cauldron or silcone from around the shower with a putty knife.If the shower is trimmed in any mold, pry it open with a putty knife.Swing the blade of the mitchsaw to 45 degrees.Place a piece of 1/2by-1/2-by-96-inch quarter-Round molding on the Mitter saw.Quarter-The round face has 90-degree back.The round side should face your body.Measure the bottom of the shower housing from the wall to the wall and transfer the measurement to the mold.Cut left-and right-Hand plate on mold.The measurement should start with the long points of the two oblique connections.Push the mold into the corner at the bottom of the shell.The 90-The degree side is consistent with the angle, and the circle side is facing outward.Shoot with DingTalk nails 1-Inch pin is formed with 30-CenterFix it on the floor.Measure from corner to corner along the vertical side of the shell.Cut two pieces every quarterround --One each.-with left-and right-Hand Mitter, measured from the short point of the Mitter.Place a molded piece on each side, and install the diagonal angle together at the bottom.Press them in the corner and shoot DingTalk through them at an angle of 30-Tilt outward to hit the wall.Measure the top of the enclosure from corner to corner.Left cut using measurement-and right-A quarterly handThe top is round and cut and formed at short points.Repeat it, press it in the corner, fit the gloves together and fix it in place.Apply a clear silicone bead on both sides of the quarter-Round shape around.Smooth the beads with wet fingertips.
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