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How to Tile a Steam Shower

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
Many people like to relax in a spa, sauna or other place where steam is provided, a practice dating back thousands of years.A modern iteration of this is the steam shower, which is a steam room that can be used as a shower.The walls of the shower and steam room are usually covered with tiles as they do not penetrate into the water and are easy to clean.You can install tiles in the steam shower and save labor costs.Attach porcelain tiles to the bottom of the wall that does not contain the outer edge of the side wall of the seat.(The \"side wall\" is determined by standing outside the shower area and observing.) Mark the top edge of the tile onto the cement back panel.Repeat every 12 inch on every wall of the steam shower.Connect the mark by drawing a line.In doing so, use a ruler as a guide.Mix a batch of thin mortar according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Apply the thin sleeve to the wall below the online strip with a notch spatula.When applying a thin sleeve to the back panel, use the smooth side of the spatula, then pass through with the notch edge to create a horizontal ridge on the back panel, create a horizontal ridge on the notch edge,Covering about 3 feet long and half wall areasInches higher than the tile you use.Put the first tile into the thin sleeve on the wall and firmly press it into the thin sleeve.Place the tile gasket on the top edge of the tile.These tiles maintain a uniform gap around each tile and can be filled with grout after the tile is solidified.Install tiles along the bottom edge of the wall.Cut tiles with wet saw or tile cutter if needed.Measure the distance between the outer edge of the last tile gasket and the corner of the wall.Mark a line that matches the measurement on the tile that needs to be cut and follow the wire cut tile.Wear safety goggles when cutting tiles.Allows tiles to be set within the time specified by the manufacturer.Tile the rest of the first wall, using the same method as when setting the first course.Allows tiles to be set for the time specified by the manufacturer.When you get to the area where the pipe or accessory fasteners are sticking out of the wall, measure the distance between the surrounding tile spacers and obstacles.Mark the rough position of the obstacle on the back of the tile.Lock the tiles on the workbench.Apply water to the back of the tile and on the saw blade to reduce friction and protect the tile.Drill a hole in the tile with a hole saw.If the saw starts to clog, or dry dust and debris on the tile starts to kick up, stop drilling and apply more water to the hole saw and tile.The tiles can then slip through the obstacles through the holes you cut to provide a seamless look.Wear safety goggles when using a hole saw.Install the tiles on the back wall of the shower.Set the first tile along the bottom of the wall and allow it to be set as you did on the first wall.Finish setting the tiles in the rest of the wall, using the same method as when you finished the first wall.As with the other two walls, set the first tile along the bottom edge of the seat.Install V-Hat along the front corner of the seat.These are tiles formed at 90.Degree angle, usually used along the front edge of the table top.Using them along the edge of the seat can prevent people sitting in the steam shower from being cut by the edge of the tile.Apply the thinset to the top edge of the seat, covering about half of the areaInches wider than one side of V.cap.Apply silicone adhesive on the back of the V-partThe hat that will be placed along the front edge of the seat.Place the V-The hats are in place along the front edge of the seat, with tile padding between them.Install tiles in the rest of the wall.The process is the same as the other two walls, but break it down into three parts: a row of tiles and V-along the bottom of the wall-caps;Between the top of VHat and wall (top of seat );Wall between seat and ceiling.Build support for ceiling tiles by DingTalk 2-by-Board together in the shape of the letter \"T.By measuring the distance between the ceiling and the floor and subtracting the thickness of the ceiling tiles, 2-by-4 boards (about 1/2) and additional quarters-So you have room for braces.Build a bracket for each row of tiles on the ceiling.Apply thinset to the back of the first tile.Place it on a corner ceiling, push it firmly to the ceiling, and twist it a little as you push it to ensure a better grip.Install the rest of the tiles in the row and keep them at intervals with the tiles.Place the first support under the tile and the \"T\" is in the upright position.If needed, install the gasket at the bottom of the support, tighten the top edge to the tile.Install the rest of the ceiling tiles and use the same process as when you set the first row.Hold support for at least 24 hours when mortar is set.Apply mud to the wall with a mud float.Start at the bottom of each wall and work towards the top of the wall.When grouting is applied, the grout floats diagonally on the tile and passes several times before entering the next part to ensure that the gap between the tiles is fully filled with the grout.Remove the tile gasket with a needle-You will use pliers when you meet them.Allow the mud to set during the time specified on the package.Wipe the grout on the tile with a wet sponge.When you do this, rinse the sponge regularly.Wipe the hazy film on the tile with a dry paper towel.Apply grouting sealant on grouting between tiles.The grouting capping agent can be applied with a brush or spray.Starting from a corner of the wall or ceiling, apply the grouting capping agent to the grouting line between the tiles.When you go, wipe the excess grouting capping agent from the surface of the tile.Continue to do so before the entire steam shower is completed.Allow the mud sealing device to be placed for an hour and apply the second layer of coating.This is a tedious task, but it is necessary to protect the mud from moisture.Related issues, including the growth of mold and bacteria.
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