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How to Take Out a Tub and Install a Luxury Shower

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
I always dream of a luxurious bath?Imagine where your bathtub used to be with multiple shower heads, massage heads, or seating areas.You can design and build your own shower paradise instead of the bathtub.Install shower tower, sauna shower or wet room shower as your next long term-Weekend projectYou only need basic woodworking skills and some good power tools to complete the project yourself and you can rent them if you don\'t have them.Turn off the water from the bathtub faucet.Remove drain filters, waste and overflow valves using a screwdriver.Remove the lock nut connecting the bathtub drain and waste and overflow pipe.Remove the tap by unscrewing the fixing screw that holds the tap mouth.Unscrew the faucet knob and any decorative panel.Unscrew the shower head.Use a screwdriver to scrape the caulking glue between the bathtub and the floor.Use the stud finder to find and mark studs on the wall around the tub.Cut a 6-Inch part of the wall away from the bathtub, be careful not to go through any of the bolts.Screw down the screws that connect the bathtub flange and bolts.Pry the bathtub from the floor, away from the wall, insert 1-by-There are 4 pieces of waste wood under and behind it.Take out the bathtub from the bathroom, discard or recycle.Connect the old pipe of the bathtub faucet to seal.Install the pipes, loops and connections required for the new deluxe shower assembly as per the manufacturer\'s instructions.Place the concrete back panel around the new deluxe shower assembly and mark where the assembly box is.Cut off the back plate where the box is located.Clean any sundries, dust and dirt in the shower area.Squeeze thick silicone adhesive beads around the inside bottom of the shower basin with a caulking gun and around the cut-out of the shower assembly.Fix the cement back plate in place and add more silicone adhesive as needed for a complete seal.Screw the back plate onto the wall nail.Place a screw every 6 to 8 inch along the bolts to secure.Corner and wire tape that meet the back plate with grid tape.Apply a thin sleeve to the tape and let it solidify for 24 hours.Vertically and horizontally mark the center of the wall opposite the shower door.Draw a straight line horizontally using the straight edge, passing vertically through the center for a few feet long.Set the shower seat and shelf in place using thinset.Use a level to ensure a uniform surface.When the thinset is cured, support as needed to maintain the position of the item.Use a notch spatula to spread thin along the walls, be careful not to completely cover the lines you make.These lines will serve as a guide for you to set the tiles directly on the wall.Place the tile or tile panel on the sheet and press it in place.Adjust as needed to keep them straight with your line.Verify that they are straight using a level.Clean the tiles with a damp sponge and remove any thin from the edges and top of the tiles.Place spacers between each tile to maintain a uniform interval between them while working and prevent any possible sliding.Continue to install the tiles this way until you reach as close as possible to the edge of the wall.Complete all walls and floors and open the area in the corner where the tiles are not suitable.Check each row of tiles with a level to keep the straight edge.Measure the gap between the corners and the edge of the shower unit to determine how large the tiles you need to fill are.Use a wet saw to cut the tiles into the right size, and then use the sand stone to polish the edges into circles so that they don\'t appear inappropriate and unfinished in your brand new shower.Install the part, just like the rest of the tile is installed, fill the corner with thinset.Tiles are allowed to be set completely.Remove the gasket.Grout the tile, wipe any excess grout on the surface of the tile with a wet rag.Grouting is allowed to be set for 24 hours.Cut the bottom track into length and install it.Set the hinge-The side posts are in place and the holes of the wall anchors are marked.Pre-Drill holes using masonry drill bits and then place anchors.Screw jamb in place.Repeat the process of installing jamb on the other side.Install the door panel and check with a level before tightening the screws to make sure they are vertical.Jamb can be released as needed to adjust the door.Install the title track at the top of the door.Screw the door frame in place and sew around the door with silicone to form a tight seal.Before using the shower, let the caulking heal overnight.
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