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How to Replace a Shower Door Gasket

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
The washer on the shower door keeps the water in the compartment.If it fails, water and soap residue will leak onto your bathroom floor.This will never be bad for a family, but if the floor is tiled, the water on the surface will also make it dangerous.Imagine turning off the water, opening the door and stepping onto the hard and smooth surface of the floor...This is why it is important to replace the gasket once you realize that it does not meet its purpose.Buy shower door washers of the right size.Measure the thickness of the glass.This will be 6, 8 or 10mm-that\'s 0.24, 0.32 or 0.40 inches.When you purchase the washer, check that it is compatible with the thickness of the glass in the shower door.Also check if the shower door is long enough.It doesn\'t matter if it\'s too long because it\'s easy to cut but it can\'t be too short.Determine if the gasket is maintained through the adhesive or through a combination of the adhesive and screw in the Channel.If there are screws, remove them with a screwdriver before scraping as many adhesives as possible from the glass with an putty knife.Grab one end of the washer, carefully release it from the shower door and carefully keep it in one piece.By measuring against the old gasket, the new gasket is cut to the correct length.Both men lay on the floor.Place the end of the new washer at the end of the old washer.Make a mark on the new washer with a felt tip, at the end of the old washer.Cut off the extra length of the new washer with scissors and be careful to keep the edges straight.Wash the shower door area around the washer with soapy water until it is spotless.Rinse thoroughly to ensure full drying.Remove the belt on the back of the new washer covering the adhesive.Position carefully.If there is a track for washers on the shower door, make sure to insert the new washers into it correctly.Replace any screws you remove to remove the old washer.
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