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How to Replace a Fully Enclosed Shower

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
Pre-Molded showers are sold as part of the kit and can be installed by any general purpose manufacturer or DIYer with basic woodworking skills.If you want to replace a fully enclosed shower, you need to take everything back to the bare wall studs or paneling behind the shower and reinstall itInstall the new housing.When your current housing has glass doors or panels, these are the things you should remove first.The door needs to remove the hinge or track so you can slide the glass out or remove the door.The panel needs to be cut from the caulking and track with a tool knife.It may take time and gentle touch to pry them away without breaking them.Depending on whether the tracking is installed with epoxy or tightened in place, the tracking may or may not be available for sale.Fixtures are the second thing you need to remove.All water should be closed to the bathroom before removing the fixture.The drill and wrench can be used to remove the shower head, faucet knob and cover plate and extend the portion of the original pipe inserted from the wall through the shower plate.Remove any panel brackets, such as screws, at this time, where applicable.Many showers are glued to the drywall board at the back and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to save the drywall.In this case, the best thing to do is to simply score on the dry wall around the shower with a tool knife, and then simply pry open the panel and drywall and lever at the same time with a hammer.There is a lot of Labor, but this is the only choice.New drywall after it\'s done--In the form of a mold-Green plate--Must be installed.Always start with the shower pan installation of the shower case first.Most of them are glued to the floor or glued to the floor, after which the drain pipe is attached.Then, install the wall panel and stick it to the appropriate position, or screw it on the wall post.Then install the shower head, knob and panel, and finally the door and glass panel.The features of each shower room are different, such as the number of shower heads, the type of drain pipe and the number of flow valves, but the overall installation method is the same.
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