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How to Remove Water Spots From Glass Shower Doors

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
Freshwater spots seem to be easy to erase from glass shower doors, but the longer they sit, the harder they will be to remove as minerals accumulate.These spots become very noticeable when looking through the glass, as each point reminds you that the door needs to be cleaned well.Both commercial cleaners and homemade methods can remove these water spots, but some commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that require Windows to be opened and rubber gloves to be worn.In particular, hard water can cause water points that are difficult to remove from glass doors, because when water evaporates, it leaves a deposit.Damp sponges or cloth are not enough to remove hard water spots and standard windows are not enoughcleaning spray.A lime-or calcium-Removal of spray, specially designed to remove the accumulation of hard water, remove the hard water points that do not appear on their own when wiping with a damp sponge.When using lime-Remove the cleaner and be sure not to touch anything on the mud or stone in the shower area as it can damage the material.If you don\'t want to use irritating chemicals in the shower-After all, your body will be there for a while.-You can also choose a more natural way.Rubbing half a lemon in the affected area helps relax the hard water point.Rub with a paste made of baking soda and vinegar and apply it to a soft cloth or plastic scrub pad to remove these loose mineral deposits.Dry the door with a towel immediately after flushing, helping to prevent water spots from coming back immediately.Rub the fabric softener dryer sheet on the water point, just like the dryer sheet is a clean cloth, remove the water point from the glass without scraping the door.A used dryer sheet is enough.If the water spot is too difficult to remove even after using the dryer sheet, rub the extra fine \"0000\" wire on these water spots.Steel wool fibers are fine enough not to scratch the glass, but strong enough to remove mineral deposits.If washing the water spots on the shower door over and over again looks tedious and annoying, then preventing the water spots first means you don\'t have to deal with them as usual.Immediately after each use of the shower, wipe the shower door with a small scraper to prevent water droplets from vaporizing in place and causing mineral deposits.If you don\'t have a wiper, wipe the door clean with a dry bath towel or soft cloth after exiting the shower.No water on the door means no water point later.
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