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How to Paint a Metal Shower Enclosure

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
Be sure to prepare properly before painting the metal shower.Surface preparation is the most critical part of any paint work and if you ignore this step you may be disappointed later.Apply rust once the metal is cleaned and wornSuppress the metal primer to ensure sufficient adhesion of the paint.A top-quality rust-Suppressing metal paint will bring a new look to your metal shower without damaging the bank.Remove any rust from the metal frame with a hard wire brush.Polish the area smooth with mediumSanding mat.Polish the entire shower room into sand to wear the surface to paint, but do not polish the sand into bare metal.Make sure the area to remove rust is smooth.Ventilate the area and wear rubber gloves.Apply the mildew killing agent cleaner to the mold and make it penetrate.Prepare a bucket of sodium phosphate or teaspoon and warm water.Mix the teaspoon according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Clean the metal with a cloth soaked in a teaspoon solution and rinse with clear water.Let the shower dry completely.Apply a latex, moldy-Use the caulking gun to sew the tub and tile on the seam between the shower frame and the wall.Fill in the seam with your fingers and wipe the excess with a damp cloth.Cover the wall next to the shower frame with a straight line of painter tape.Glue the wall with tape, but expose the caulking line to the paint.This will ensure a seamless look.Apply a line of tape around the glass shower door.Cover both sides of the shower if applicable.If applicable, place masking paper on the walls around the shower and on the glass shower door.Spread the edge of the paper along the painter\'s tape and fix it down with more tape.Cover up everything you don\'t want to paint.Spread cloth on the floor.Apply a rust-Inhibitor of the area where rust is removed using a brush or rust spray tank-inhibitor.Let it dry completely.This step is optional, but Rust will come back if not processed.Shake a can of RustSuppress metal primer for a time indicated by the manufacturer.Keep the jar about 1 feet away from the metal and apply a primer using a smooth, sweeping action.Allow the primer to dry during the time recommended by the manufacturer.Apply a second layer primer to make it completely dry.Shake a can of RustSuppress the metallic paint for the full time displayed on the tank to ensure a uniform distribution of color pigments.Test the paint on a large piece of cardboard before you apply it to the shower.Apply a light paint on the shower in the same way, using a stable, uniform cleaning.Keep the jar at the same distance as the metal to ensure that the paint coating is uniform.Allow the paint to dry within the time recommended by the manufacturer.Apply multiple light paint coatings until the required coverage is reached.
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