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How to Measure for a Glass Shower Door

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
The stylish new shower door can make a difference between the regular bathroom and the exquisite luxurious bathroomlooking one.Before you make a decoration choice.-Which type of glass to use, what kind of frame finish you want, even if the door is swinging or sliding open ---Accurate measurement of the opening.Whether you want a standard door or a custom door, accurate measurement is essential to prevent leakage and ensure the right look.Measure the desired height of the door on both sides of the opening to the nearest 1/16.If the tile in the shower does not extend all the way to the ceiling, use the top of the tile as the line at the top of the shower door.Otherwise, just make sure the top of the door is above the level of the shower head.Compare two height measurements.Save the big ones.If you plan to install a custom frameless door, save both measurements and note which door belongs to which side.Measure the width of the top and bottom openings to the nearest 1/16.Compare two measurements.If one is larger than the other, save the larger one unless you intend to install a custom frameless door.If you are measuring for a fixed door, please keep a long height on each side of the opening.If the opening width at the top is different from the width at the bottom, there is a wall that has no Plumb.Determine which wall it is with the horizontal plane.The opening of the third measurement is measured halfway.Record all three measurements, how far is the wall in the middle, and which wall is out of the lead.If you plan to install the swing model, extend the tape measure to the width of the door.Fix one end of the tape measure in the position where the hinge is planned to be placed and extend the other end of the tape measure horizontally to indicate the width of the door.Shake the tape into the bathroom as if you were opening the door.Make sure the door has free open space.
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