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How to Install Fiberglass Shower Enclosures

by:Xavier      2020-03-29
The fiberglass shower is easy to install, easy to clean and care for, providing you with constant convenience.Some of the shells are solid and the drain and walls are part of the fiberglass.There are a few other pieces that need you to connect the wall to the chassis.Although single-Faster to install, they may not fit through the doors and corridors of old houses or smaller houses.In this case, insist on using multiplepiece versions.Measure the size of the shower area.Measure the size of the drain plate and the height of the wall.Buy a shower that fits these sizes.Measure the position of the shower controller and faucet.Transfer these measurements to the correct shower panel and cut the holes with a hole saw.Most shower hardware requires a 6 inch hole saw for the controller and a 1 inch hole saw for the top spout.Put the shower in the bathroom.If you have a separate part, apply the building adhesive on the bottom of the pan and fix it in place.Through pre-drive screwsDrill holes on the side of the wall pillar if possible.For a single-Block housing, add the adhesive at the bottom and place the entire block in the appropriate position.Checklist-Before the adhesive dries, use a water plate or a separate pan to add small pieces of wood to the bottom if necessary.If you have multiple panels, place the side panels in placeA shell.Your single-The block enclosure is the same as the placement time of the drain plate.Through pre-drive screwsDrill holes in the Rim of the panel on the wall post.Cut water-Resistant drywall, usually blue or green in color, mounted above the wall of the shower with a tool knife, covering threadsin rims.Screw the drywall into the stud with the drywall screw.Paint the drywall.Install shower head and controller.Many shower heads are screwed directly onto the pipe.Your shower control handle is usually attached to the hot and cold water pipes and then kept in place by screwing on the panel cover.Apply the silicone filler to all edges.This includes the place where the enclosure wall meets the pot, where the wall meets the drywall, and the place around the shower controller and shower head.Hold and hold the consultation on corruption-The angle of degree, while quickly sliding through the joint to form a uniform bead.Then, wet your finger, slide it along the beads, flatten it, and create a finished edge.Let the cauldron dry before using the shower.
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