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How to Install a Shower Light Replacement

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
Unlike other fixtures in the home, showers and bathtubs-Showers are easily damp.If the light flashes or does not work at all, there is a good chance that it will have to be replaced.Surface-The home center and lighting store offer installation and insert lights with water tight globe.Get the same type of fixture as the existing fixture and organize some tools for replacement before starting to speed up the work.Climb the ladder.For a surface-Install the fixture, loosen the fixing screw on the upper edge of the globe with pliers, and remove the globe.For recessed fixtures, loosen the screws on the surface of the globe\'s edge with a screwdriver and remove the edges and globe.Unscrew and remove the bulb.Close the circuit breaker of the bathroom circuit on the electrical panel.If the circuit breaker is not marked, use the electrical tester to identify the circuit breaker.To do this, set the tester to \"volt\" and touch the tip of a tester-Connect the wire to the edge of the lamp socket and the tip of the other wire to the contacts inside the socket.If the tester displays the reading, close a circuit breaker at a time and repeat the test at the lamp holder each time until the tester does not display the reading..Loosen and remove the screws that hold the fixture on the ceiling box, and then pull the fixture down to contact the wire.By twisting each nut counter-clockwise, remove the wire nut that connects the Black and White wire pair.Loosen the screws that connect the Green Line or the ground end to the electric box.Remove the old fixture.Pull down the insulated short knots at the ends of the black, white and green wires.If these parts are not pre-cut by the manufacturer, peel off 3/4 of the insulation at the end of each wire with a wire stripping clamp or electric clamp.Use the short green screw attached to the lamp to connect the ground wire bare end at the electrical box where the old wire is connected.Connect the end of the black and white wire of the fixture to the corresponding black and white wire and provide the wire nut of the lighting circuit.Screw the nut clockwise and tighten it firmly with your hands.Cut two, 3-inch-Use the long tape of the tool knife.Wrap a tape around each wire nut and continue to wrap 1 inch to the corresponding black and white wire.By passing a supplied screw through each machining hole on the fixture and inserting it into the corresponding threaded hole on the box, install the light fixture on the electric box on the ceiling.Tighten the screws firmly and install the bulb in the lamp holder.Apply a uniform transparent silicone sealant bead on the upper edge of the new Globe.Install the supplied round rubber gasket on the rim and press it on the sealing material.For recessed lights, align the holes in the washer with the holes on the edge of the globe.Install a surfaceInstall the light ball by tightening the fixing screws provided on the upper edge.For recessed lights, fix the edge of the globe with one supplied screw at each hole on the edge.
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