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How to Hang Shower Rods

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
The shower rod has evolved from a straight rod fixed between the opposite walls to many useful custom and decorative options that can accommodate a wide range of bathtubs and showers.In the absence of hardware, there is a wedge in place;Fixed rods such as straight or curved shower rods;There are custom bars such as rectangles, oval shapes and D-Type bar with riser fixed on ceiling, used to surround claw foot basin or tub that extends into the room from one wall.They may look complicated, but the process of hanging tension, fixing the shower rod, or custom shower rod is fairly simple.Measure the distance between the two walls that the shower rod must be mounted with a tape measure.Buy a pull rod that is at least a few inches longer than this span.Unscrew the rod by turning each end in the opposite direction so that the rod opens or extends.Continue to extend the rod until it is 2 inch longer than the span it needs to be installed.Lean the shower curtain against a wall right above the bathtub apron or as a guide.Adjust the height of the curtain until its hem is about 6 inch below the top of the edge of the bathtub.Mark the wall at this height with a pencil.By measuring down from the ceiling and out from the back wall, copy the position of the first mark to the opposite wall.Slide the shower curtain ring onto the rod.By fixing one end on a mark on the wall and compressing the rod so that the other end is located on the second mark, wedge the rod into place.If the rod is too tight, twist the rod back slightly to shorten its length.If the bar is too loose, open it a little more.Determine the position and mark the wall of the bar.Slide slowly through the marked area to determine if there are bolts behind the drywall.If the device does not beep or light up when each mark is reached, use the installation hardware as a template and pre-Drill holes for dry wall anchors, which will help support the rods in the wall.Screw hollow, plastic, dry wall anchors into the drill.Install the hardware with the screw fixing rod inserted into the anchor.Slide the shower curtain ring onto the rod.Put the stick into the hardware U-According to the model and the manufacturer\'s instructions, the shape of the rod Cup or rod hole.Find the center of the end of the bathtub located on the side of the wall.Mark the location of the wall hardware using the center point and the length of the shower curtain as a guide to measuring the height of the mark.About 6 inch of the material is allowed to fall below the top of the bathtub.Check if there are bolts in the marking area.If no bolts are found, insert the dry wall anchor using the installation hardware as the guide to mark the screw position.Connect the hardware of the rod to the wall.Measure and mark the position of the riser or ceiling mounting hardware by using the measurement of the rod system extending from the wall hardware.Depending on your model, the location will vary.Please read the manufacturer\'s instructions for specific placement suggestions.Use the stud finder to check the marked ceiling of the solid pallet.If there is no support beam in this place, insert the dry wall anchor into the dry wall ceiling and install the hardware in the same way as installing the wall hardware.Fix the rod and riser on the hardware of the wall and ceiling with small accompanying screws or as indicated in the equipment instructions.If your rod is the type attached to the exposed pipe, connect it to the surrounding of the pipe as instructed by the manufacturer.
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