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How to Get Calcium Off of Shower Doors

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
No matter how well you take care of the bathroom, it doesn\'t look clean if there is a muddy mineral deposit on the shower door.These deposits consist mainly of lime scale, the so-called calcium carbonate, if you try to clean them up with soap and water.You know this method is futile.You need something that can dissolve lime and you don\'t need to look too far to find it.The chemicals involved in cleaning calcium carbonate deposits are not complicated;Most acids react with calcium carbonate to produce water, carbon dioxide, and other compounds.Strong acid works faster than weak acid, but you don\'t want to spray shower doors with strong acid like hydrochloric acid, which can burn your skin and cause damage in the bathroom.It\'s not easy to find a weak acid that can do the job, but there may be a few in your kitchen.Any soft drink with phosphate, such as cola, is an option, but having a better drink will not make your bathroom sticky.Vinegar has many uses, one of which is to dissolve lime scale because vinegar contains acetic acid.Lemon juice is also effective because it contains citric acid.These acids take time to work whether they are used alone or mixed.Pour a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice, or both into the plant-Spray the bottle, spray the solution on the shower door, let it stay there for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse clean with soap and water.The solution is very thin and will be lost soon, so you may need to spray it several times to keep the lime deposits wet.If you haven\'t cleaned the shower door for a while, there may be quite a lot of lime build-up, especially on hinges and metal door frames.They can all be removed if vinegar or lemon juice remains in contact long enough.To prevent running, make paste with salt or borax-Do not use baking soda because it is an alkali that reacts with any acid to neutralize it.Apply paste where you want to clean, scrub with a toothbrush and add more as needed.For problematic stains, Spread the paste out and let it work for an hour or two-Even overnight.-Use the water in the shower before scrubbing and washing off.If you like fasterActing as a commercial product, you can find a lot in hardware store.These tend to be more corrosive than vinegar or lemon juice, so wear rubber gloves and goggles when you use these products.The facial cleanser you use in the bathtub may also be successful.At a critical moment, you can use the oven cleaner, it can also remove lime scale, and you can also succeed in the pre-treatment of laundry.If the deposits are light, try rubbing them with fabricSoftener dryer piece.
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