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How to Convert a Tub-Shower Enclosure to a Freestanding Shower

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
Bathtub and shower are the main elements of regular cookiesA cutter suburban residence used nationwide, either with a shower curtain or with a glass wall installed after the bathtub.You can convert your existing bathtubInstall the shower in a separate shower using the same plumbing fixtures and plumbing, but you have to replace the tub enclosure, floor and walls.Depending on the type of shower-You have the tub case and will have varying degrees of difficulty in removing things and demoting.The glass door needs to be screwed down and screwed down, and the glass wall needs to be gently pried off from the filled track.In the case of a plastic shower wall, the wall panel either needs to be unscrewed or pulled down from the wall.The porcelain brick wall must be removed because you must always remove the bottom part of the wall to expose the edge of the bathtub buried behind the wall.The acrylic bathtub must be removed from the platform.When you put everything back on the exposed wall nails and the ground floor, you have to decide if you want to use the same floor drain.Find an acrylic shower pan that fits your size with a drain next to it.If you need to replace the drain pipe, you have to add additional horizontal pipes and move the drain pipe under the sub-floor to the new position, then dig a hole under the floor and add a drain pipe and flange, connect the new shower pan to it.Again, you will need to use the existing pipe on the new faucet/shower head, or, you will have to run the additional pipe under the floor connected to the existing pipe, to move the pipe to the new wall.The installation of the shower pan will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.Some of them are in place, while others just shake with wooden shims.Follow the instructions of the manufacturer.In both cases, after laying the mortar or placing the gasket using a notch spatula, you can use a height to make sure the bathtub is set up correctly and add the gasket or mortar as needed.Once the shower pan is installed, it is screwed on the bolts on the wall with flanges on the edges.Once the new shower pan is in place, you can use the new material on the wall.Decide if you want to install a plastic shower board on a wall or some type of tile or natural stone.Any installation that requires a natural stone or tile requires a concrete slab to be installed and a layer of plastic plate to be covered on the wall post.The plastic panels can be used with drywall or bare wall nails, depending on whether the manufacturer wishes to screw the panels onto the wall nails or stick to the surface of the drywall.After that, you can finish the wall with the material of your choice, add shower curtain or door.
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