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How to Clean Water Spots From Fiberglass Shower Walls and Glass Shower Doors

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
Water spots and soap slag make the fiberglass shower wall look dim and leave unappealing smoke on the glass shower door.Hard water with lime, calcium and other minerals can make water spots worse and harder to remove.A mild acidic cleaner helps reduce spots and scum.While commercial grinding agents can scrub spots, they also polish and etching fiberglass and leave scratches on glass doors.Fill the spray bottle with undiluted vinegar so that soap residue and water spots can be cut.Alternatively, find a wear-free bathtub and tile cleaner prepared for the water point.Fully spray the fiberglass shower wall and glass shower door with vinegar or bathtub cleaner.Let the vinegar or detergent soak in the walls and doors for a few minutes so it can loosen the boiling water point and soap slag.Dry the walls and doors with a wear-free rag.Check the wall for any remaining water points.If stubborn spots remain after initial cleaning, mix two baking soda and one water to make a thin paste.Baking soda is less abrasive than a commercial grinding cleaner, which makes it more suitable to clean fiberglass and glass without etching.Apply the paste to the shower walls and doors with special attention to any area with stubborn spots.Gently scrub with a wet rag.Rinse the paste on the wall with warm water.If any soap residue or stripes remain, spray and wash for the second time with vinegar or bath cleaner;Otherwise, a warmWater washing is enough.Wipe dry.
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