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How to Clean Hard Water Stained and Soap Scummy Shower Doors

by:Xavier      2020-04-01
Those filmy shower doors are not of any help to your bathroom decor and you may have noticedSoap and water do not remove soap film or hard water stains.You can take a bath with soap instead of soap to prevent soap slag and you will never have hard water deposits if you wipe the glass.These are good strategies for the future, but now that the damage has been done, you may need to try some cleaning tricks.You may already have some shower gloves, but you can buy a pair for a few dollars if you don\'t.They are made of nylon or fiber mesh and are designed to be lightly grinded, a convenient feature for cleaning metals and glass-Just jump in the shower, wash the foam off the gloves with soap, and scrub it clean.Gloves go into the narrow corners, but you may need the help of a toothbrush.Soap slag should go away when you open the shower and rinse the glass, but the work is not done.After cleaning and rinsing, the glass may look very clear, but when the water evaporates and the glass dries, the hard water marks reappear.These traces are caused by minerals that \"harden\" the water.\"Soap does not make these deposits emulsified and loosen their bonds, so it is futile to try to scrub them.Instead, you need to dissolve them with acid.It may sound intense, but all you need is a gentle one with two good candidates in the kitchen ---Lemon juice and vinegar.You can even have a full-bodied soft drink in a pinch-The tanginess means that soft drinks contain acid.-It is usually phosphate or citric acid.Whether you choose vinegar or lemon juice, you should use it fully;Just pour the spray bottle directly from the bottle.If you just flush the glass, wait for it to dry.Then generously spray with a sprayer.Acetic acid in vinegar or citric acid in lemon juice all take time to work.Ideally, the glass should be kept moist for 10 to 30 minutes;To prevent the glass from drying, you may need to fog more than once or twice.After scrubbing with gloves and flushing with a shower head, hard water deposits should disappear.The hardest part to clean the shower door is the metal frame, hinges and handles, and the Blur may not be able to do the job unless you repeat it a few times.There is a better way to do this: make a paste with borax or salt and apply it to stains with a toothbrush.Paste work can take an hour or more, but when you come back and scrub the stain with a toothbrush, it should fall off right away.If not, simply repeat the treatment until the end of the treatment.
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