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How to Build a Portable Shower With a Bilge Pump

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
The bottom pump usually spends their life inside the ship, constantly discharging the water, sludge and oil gathered at the bottom of the tank.Designed to cope with vibration, tapping, intermittent use and long pumping, they are ideal for portable shower items.Their low voltage-They operate at 12 volts.-To make them safe and to enable them from lead-Real portable battery.A shower driven with a hatch pump is a simple task.Connect the home shower head to 15-Smooth feet-Drill the garden hose by pushing the hose to the end of the shower head until they are firmly connected.Seal the connection by wrapping a plastic tie around the hose and tightening it as tightly as possible.Trim off the rest of the plastic tie.Connect the other end of the hose to the outlet pipe, or \"drain\" the pipe on the hatch pump.Again, push the hose onto the pipe until a good connection is reached, and then fix it with a plastic tie belt.Use the method described in the previous steps to connect the hose length to the \"in\" pipe on the hatch pump.The length of the hose should be long enough to extend down from the pump through the top of the water storage container to the bottom of the container.Keep the water container as close to the pump as possible to maximize the pumping efficiency.Peel off the last 1/2 of the insulation from each wire drawn from the hatch pump.Connect the insulated crocodile clamp to the end of each wire by releasing the terminal screw, wrap the stripped wire around the screw and tighten it to secure the wire in place.The front wire uses a red insulated clip and the negative wire uses a black clip.Gently pull each wire to check if its connection is correct and will not be disconnected.Fill the water container with the top.Feed the pipe of the Hatch pump into the container and place the opening end near the bottom of the container.Check if the shower head is near or pointing to the pump or battery.Connect the positive () crocodile clip to the positive battery terminal, and then connect the Black clip to the negative (-) terminal.The pump will start working, take water from the container and push it along the hose to the shower head.When taking a shower, hold down the shower head and guide the water as needed.
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