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How to Attach a Grab Bar to a One Piece Tub and Shower Enclosure

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
One-Separate bathtub and shower with single gelCoated fiberglass case.The armrest mounting bracket made for fiberglass mounting has a disc that securely distributes the weight of the personnel and prevents the fiberglass from cracking.By connecting the bracket to the wall post with a bolt, you can make sure that the armrest is not pulled out of the bathtub or shower wall while in use.The handrails can be purchased in two groups, which allows you to purchase in one-Separate bathtub and shower for standing assist and horizontal armrest bar to help people stand up or sit down in the tub.Use the stud finder to find a stud on the shower wall near the shower head.Find the center of the door post 33 inch from the floor and mark it with a long, low nail painter tape.Vertical grip bars will be installed here.Find an adjacent post on the wall.Put a piece of tape on the wall of the low nail Painter, the end is aligned with the center of the two adjacent studs, sitting in the bathtub and can easily reach the armrest bar.Lean the first grip on the vertical tape.Center the mounting flange of the grab Rod-line.Follow around the mounting flange to mark its position.Do the same for the second grab bar and horizontal tape that spans between the two bolts.Find the center of the circle being tracked and mark them with points.Drill a 1/8 hole in the dot.Insert a nail into each hole to confirm that it is on the Bolt.Cut a 2-Inch hole on the wall of fiberglass shower with 2-inch hole saw.Measure the length of space between the bolt and the top surface of the shower wall.Cut the grip bar mounting gasket to that length with a tool knife.Drill a pilot hole of 3/16 bit on each bolt.Pilot hole bolts and month in the center-Inches holes in the shower wall.Insert the lag bolt and gasket into the mounting gasket.Insert the mounting gasket lag bolt assembly into the pilot hole.Push the bolt into the bolt with a socket wrench until the hand is tight.Run a circle of silicon caulking around each hole in the shower wall.Place the disc side of the bracket to your mounting bracket on the mounting gasket.Screw the mounting bracket onto the threaded shaft of the gasket until the back of the mounting bracket disc touches the shower wall.Align the screw holes on the armrest mounting flange with the holes on the mounting bracket.Use a screwdriver to pass the screw through the hole until the hand is tightened and the handrails are fixed to the shower wall.Connect another grab bar in the same way.Two-headed finderLow painter tapePencilDrill1/8 inch drill bit2-Inch hole sawUtility knife3/16 inch drill bitFiberglass armrest fixing system kitSocket wrenchSilicon caulkScrewdriverGrab Rod mounting bracket must be attached to the wall nail.During use, if you do not do so, it may cause the handle to pull out of the shower wall, which may cause you to fall.
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