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How to Adjust Frameless Glass Shower Door Hinges

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
The frameless shower door consists of tempered glass with two or three hinges on one side.If you notice a leak on the side or bottom of the door, there is a good chance that the door is not aligned and the hinge needs to be adjusted.The hinge of the frameless shower door is hexadecimalThe head machine bolt that holds the hinge in place is inside.A do-it-Your own homeowner can adjust the hinge and flush the door with the help of an assistant.Let your assistant open the door completely.Position a 36-The Inch is positioned horizontally against the wall on the side of the Shell closed by the door.If the bubbles at the top of the level intersect one of the bubble lines, register a professional installer to reset the frame of the enclosure.If the bubbles are online, please continue to align and adjust.Go take a shower and close your assistant.Loosen the hex-Using the appropriate Allen key, the head bolt on each hinge rotates two turns counter-clockwise.When your assistant installs a wooden gasket under the door and at the top of the shower Dam, close the door with the handle.When your assistant installs the gasket as needed, lift it up on the handle so that there is an even gap between the bottom of the door and the dam.Ask your assistant to close the door and tighten the bolts on each hinge.Pull the gasket out and open the door.Turn it off and check the alignment of the bottom relative to the top of the shower dam.Repeat the procedure and flush the door if necessary so that the gap at the bottom is uniform.36-
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