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How Much Should a Glass Shower Door Cost?

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
The glass shower door allows light to enter the dark and narrow shower room.The cost of installing a shower with a glass door out varies greatly depending on the options you choose for the door and the finish and quality of the related hardware.As of 2013, standard-The frame glass shower door in a typical home improvement shop costs about $190 to $350 on average.However, the average price may be as high as $1,500 depending on the type of door.The edge of the frameless door is free of metal, more expensive than the frameless door, and is usually customized to fit a particular opening.Other factors that affect the price include the thickness of the glass, the type of glass and the finish on the metal frame.For example, an oilFriction bronze finishes are usually more expensive than simple aluminum frames.Hardware, including handles and hinges, will also affect prices.High-Premium hardware with professional finishes increases the price while basic hardware is more affordable.
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