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How is the quality of jacuzzi bath ?
High quality of steam shower kit is the top thing in Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd . Check now! A Specialized Manufacturer of jacuzzi bath Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Company's massage bathtub has more advantages over similar products in terms of technology and quality. With many years of practical experience, Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Company is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

Is the well water filter used in rural households useful? thank you? Useless,Because even if you filter,And just filter some insoluble impurities,And some insoluble impurities,Such as magnesium hydroxide,Calcium hydroxide,So I suggest you,The method of boiling water for filtration,Safe,Clean,This can reduce the hardness of water,It is recommended to use hot water for washing clothes,It's useless to wash it clean,Because even if you filter,It's useless to filter some insoluble impurities,

RO Water quality conductivity reaches 15us/cm, what is the reason ???? 5 Is your equipment in Zhenjiang?The conductivity of tap water is about 300,The normal effluent is within 6,If it is a new film that has just been installed 3, it can be achieved.15 us/cm is a bit high,In this way, the regeneration frequency of your mixed bed will increase.1.You screw the conductivity probe off the pipe,Wash with dilute hydrochloric acid,After washing it, install it again,See if it drops (excluding the problem of instrument detection );2.If it hasn't changed yet,Then the salt removal rate is only 95%,It can still be used,It can be cleaned to confirm whether it is caused by pollution,If the conductivity still does not drop after cleaning, the film needs to be replaced,The selection of the film is also exquisite,Also the American brand of Heidelberg,The conductivity of membrane effluent from different series is different.Our company is in Kunshan,You can call me if you need to clean or change the film,I will send you a me
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