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Shantou water treatment equipment, Shantou underground water treatment equipment, iron and manganese removal filter The separation of heavy metal water and oil and water is the best. the scale of treatment, the water sample, and the water demand for tap water are no problem, 0534-5650109 song, if you are unqualified, don't pull it back.I. Overview of fully automatic iron and manganese removal filter many towns and industrial and mining enterprises in China use groundwater as water source.However, there is an excess of iron in groundwater in many areas,Its content is generally 2-16mq/L range.'Automatic iron and manganese removal filter' overcomes the human operation,Various problems caused by backwashing,Give full play to the special features of fully automatic work,Therefore, it has incomparable superiority in other iron removal devices,The iron content of groundwater after treatment is ≤ 0.3 mg/L,National GB5749-85 quality standards for drinking water.In addition to iron and manganese in water,Make the oxyg

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Which is good for the front filter? At present, the foreign front filter brands that are relatively good in China are basically 3 M, hanshill, Honeywell and Di Xiaoou. the first three are installed on the main pipe to remove sediment in the water pipe, as the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole house water, and the shape is basically the same, the last Diario is a Korean brand, installed on the faucet water supply hose, not for the whole house, one faucet has to be installed under one faucet, and the core is changed regularly, but it can remove rust, residual chlorine and bacteria in addition to sediment removal, which is more functional than the first three and cheaper, can choose according to their own needs.
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