Professional manufacture of acrylic bahtub and shower cabin in China.

How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd aims to satisfy our customers with high quality and superior service. Please contact us! A Specialized Manufacturer of bathroom sanitary ware Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Company's bath shower screens has more advantages over similar products in terms of technology and quality. With many years of practical experience, Foshan Xavier Sanitary Ware Company is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

What are the classification of precision filters? What are the classification of precision filters?General range of Q-level precision filter: General reciprocating air compressor pre-filter material,Multi-layer fiberglass filter.Filter impurities: 5 MICRON.Filter oil content: 5PPM.Great pressure: 16 KG/CM.High temperature: 65 °c.General pressure difference: 0.2 KG/CM.

Is there any need to install a central water purifier with a front filter? There is a pressure difference between the filter and the central water purifier. it is recommended to try it out. if it still doesn't work, you can only add a booster pump.
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