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Working Principle of ZCL self-flushing water quality filter ZCL-ZCL-The Type 1 self-flushing water quality filter is mainly used for water quality filtration of dust-proof water such as coal mine underground coal mining, Nuggets working face, main transportation lane transportation and reprinting system.The self-flushing water quality filter is directly connected to the underground dust-proof water supply pipeline system,Can remove the sediment and suspended matter in the water,Ensure that the water quality meets the requirements of dust-proof water in coal mines.The water quality filter device consists of pressure gauge, gate valve, filter, self-flushing valve, important components of sewage valve.Under normal circumstances,Two gate valves open before and after the filter core,The self-flushing valve and the discharge (impurity) pollution valve are closed,The water is filtered through the stainless steel wire cloth in the filter core,At this time,The pressure of the two pressure gauges before a

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Which brand of water purifier is good? The water purifier is mainly divided into ultra-filtration water purifier, activated carbon water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier (Ro machine ).■ The ultra-filtration water purifier simply filters out sediment, colloid and bacteria, cannot filter out scale, heavy metals and chemical pollutants, and cannot improve the taste. the external pressure type cannot be washed and discharged, and the internal pressure type can be washed and discharged, the advantages are: no electricity, no waste of water, large flow, long filter life (1-5 years)■ Activated carbon water purifier can absorb foreign-colored peculiar smell, improve taste, and can't filter out scale, heavy metals and chemical pollutants. there is little difference between boiling and drinking, making tea and tap water, there are also secondary pollution problems such as bacterial breeding and nitrite exceeding the standard, which are prone to saturation failure and need to be replaced once in about
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