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For Ohioans who are seeking to elevate bath time

by:Xavier      2020-06-15
The strong jets of whirlpool bath tubs that emit bursts of water mimic a deep tissue massage. Consider the cost of such a massage, which would run about $60 for an hour-long session, and it becomes clear that a bath tub that offers similar benefits can be a good long-term investment. Those who undergo deep tissue massage experience profound relaxation as well as targeted treatment that loosens the tension in their muscles. Thanks to whirlpool jets that are placed in strategic spots inside a tub, the massage that results from a bath tub session is targeted and effective. Another benefit of whirlpool bath tubs is customization. Many models let the bather herself decide how strong those jets will be. This control is not unlike telling a masseuse to apply lighter or harder pressure in accordance with how strong or soft the massage needs to be. By including such controls, the makers of these tubs are leaving the experience up to the each unique user. This morphs the bathing experience from one that is stagnant and always the same to one that is vibrant and customizable. Those who have varied degrees of muscle pain and can truly benefit from such control greatly appreciate the ability to gauge the whirlpool pressure in tune with the way their body feels on any given day. Water temperature controls available in some models offer another benefit, as the jets do not emit cooled water as the duration of the bath grows longer. By keeping the temperature warm and constant throughout, a bather may find themselves wanting to extend the duration of the bath. What a difference from the days when a bath lasted only as long as the water remained warm!
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