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Every now and then it's nice to escape from city

by:Xavier      2020-07-04
If you've been longing for a few nights of city life, and think that spending the few hours that you will try to get any sleep, in a boutique hotel in New York City, then there's a treat in store for you. Imagine if you will, for just a few moments at least, what it'll be like to have all of the 'madness' of a major city going on all around you; people living their lives to the fullest; fine dining, and some of the greatest fast food on the planet; and some of the best shows on Broadway just a few minute's walk from where you could be staying. You'll have all that and more when you get yourself settled into this magnificent Broadway hotel in New York City. The last thing that you'll want to do, when you get there, is to have to try and map out all of the places that you'll be going to visit, then try to find how you get to them, and the best way of putting them on a 'circuit' so that you don't have to keep doubling back on yourself. Sounds like a bit of a drag, doesn't it? Well actually it's worse than that; you'll want to do as much as you can in such a short time, so why not have a lot of the places within easy reach? Just think, you can wander down to the 24-hour reception desk and ask where the best nearby places are to eat, and then head to a show straight after the meal. On the way back you can stop off for something light to eat, and still be back in your spacious room before the mood wares off. Then you can climb into the bath and think about whether you'll be visiting the Museum of Natural History, Central Park West, Riverside Park, Lincoln Center and Metropolitan Opera, Symphony Space, and many of the other fantastic places the next day. Or, and here's a great idea because of the location of where you'll be staying; why not visit them all? Seeing as they're just a short walk away, that is. Unfortunately work still catches up with us but don't worry, you can keep in contact through the Wi-Fi & High speed Internet on offer, or, if you just want to chill for a few moments while your partner's in the bath dreaming about tomorrow, you can watch Cable TV on the 32-inch LCD flat screen TV, or just listen to some music via the iPod docking station; the choice is yours. About now you're probably wondering just how much a Broadway hotel in New York City is going to cost you, and believe me, it's far less than the figure you've got going through your head at the moment. You want to spend as much of your vacation money as you can on actually doing things, don't you? After all, you wanted to top it all off by staying in a boutique hotel in New York City as well as seeing: the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Museum Mile, SOHO, Central Park, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Little Italy, the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Battery Park, and South Street Seaport, etc, right? Because you do, and know that where you stay makes a vacation as much as what you see and when you're there, that's why you'll want to check out a top class, well situated, incredibly priced New York City hotel, right here, right now, while you still have a chance to get a booking at
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