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Energy efficiency sounds like a boring living

by:Xavier      2020-06-19
While away for a longer period, drop the room temperature in 12 -16 degrees of Celsius. Even that is too cold for humans to live in, the house and furniture stay just ok in this temperature. Check faucets regularly. If you find leaking faucet, repair it or call a maintenance personnel as soon as possible. If the faucet leaks water drop per second, it is approximately 10 cubic meters per year - which will be seen in the water bill. When you are at a hardware store (in Finnish: rautakauppa) buying new household appliances like a freezer, refrigerator, and washing machine, check that they are at energy level A or also check in house packages (In Finnish talopaketit) if you planing to buy that whole package than. The difference if energy consumption between an household appliances having the worst possible class (which is G) and the most energy efficient one (carrying the letter A) is considerable and will be seen in the energy bill in a longer run. Just buying the class A appliances will save money, and also be very energy efficient! A large plasma TV consumes twice as much electricity than the corresponding LCD screen. A laptop computer's energy consumption is about tenth of desktop computer's energy consumption. Think also these before you buy. When you need to buy new bulbs for your lamps, prefer good quality energy-saving light bulbs, for which the manufacturer guarantees a lot of operating hours. If you have a electric sauna and love bathing there, invest in always ready sauna stove. That is the best for daily use but also best for its energy consumption in daily use. Simmering heat of sauna is useful for warming or drying wet rooms. Create the Christmas mood with decorative LED lights. They are more versatile and can be used outside, and they are much more energy efficient than old incandescent bulbs. With these simple steps, the energy consumption will drop and more energy efficient living start without any changes in your living style!
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