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Early diagnosis of breast cancer is the only way

by:Xavier      2020-06-29
Breast Screening As breast screening is considered as one of the most effective methods to catch cancer at initial stage when they symptoms of breast cancer are not too large to be observed clearly by the women; however it is used only for older women because the risk is higher for them so they need to attend the regular sessions of screening. Mammography is popular breast screening technique used to screen the breasts if women successfully, although not all results are perfectly accurate but most of the mammography reports give the true picture of breast condition. Most of the women avoid to attend the sessions of screening due to the fear factor as no woman in the world wants to listen this word in her life and screening report can lead them to further tests in case of suspicious report like if it indicates any darker area of breast or the armpit etc. Clinical Examination Clinical examination is the way to check breasts by expert doctor or nurse in order to locate the abnormal changes so that breast health can be maintained by detecting the changes as they take place. A woman can learn during clinical examination how to check the breasts for abnormal changes, although it is not difficult but if a proper technique is used like if three levels of pressure are exerted to feel the breast tissues so that even a small lump or mass can be diagnosed as well. Most of the times it is scheduled once in a year, but there is no harm if it is performed more than once because it keeps you in touch with breasts and improves breast awareness that is of core importance to increase the chances of early detection and detecting the cancer early improves the chances to survive so be breast aware should be the passion of every woman. Self Breast Exam Self breast exam is the personal choice of a woman as it is not compulsory, but doing it on regular basis is so beneficial for women as it tells a woman how her breasts look and feel normally because a woman can detect abnormal changes only when she knows clearly what is normal and what is abnormal for her. Self breast exam can be performed by a woman anytime when she feels comfortable like while taking bath or in the room before a mirror or while taking rest in bed. Women should make sure that she has checked the whole breast and no part are left unchecked because if the self inspection is not done effectively and some of the parts are left unchecked there is no use of doing it and women have intricate structure of breast so it takes some time to become familiar with this part of the body.
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